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La Pan Nam Exotic Villa

La Pan Nam Exotic Villa is an accommodation rental business located on Jl. Sempol No.17, Pererenan Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, which is 1 km from Canggu village and not far from beach tourism. La Pan Nam Exotic Villa was built in 2019 with the concept of a joglo house where most of the building materials are made of wood combined with a modern style, and is located between rice fields so it has a nice sunset view, which is one of the uniqueness of other accommodation rentals. This villa which covers about 10 acres has 10 rooms, including 6 wooden joglo houses and 4 suites rooms which have their own uniqueness and design in each room type. La Pan Nam Exotic Villa is equipped with facilities such as a restaurant, bar, garden, kitchen and public gazebo, which is a relaxing place that offers various types of food and drinks. In addition, there is a body care area to make it more relaxing, a 24-hour receptionist in the lobby to serve visitors, and 1 swimming pool with a sharing type is provided for visitors who want to swim while enjoying the beautiful views of the rice fields accompanied by the sunset in the afternoon

More Value Than Other Accommodattions

La Pan Nam Exotic Villa is different from other accommodation rentals. This villa has the advantage that it can be an attraction for visitors to enjoy a holiday in Bali

These advantages include the building design which uses the joglo house concept which is one of the advantages of this villa, because the main material is wood so that it makes the atmosphere more peaceful, calm and comfortable. In addition, the location of the villa, which is far from the crowds and surrounded by views of rice fields, makes visitors feel much safer from attacks by crime or terrorism. therefore La pan Nam Exotic Villa attaches great importance to visitor satisfaction in order to feel comfortable, calm and safe.

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